6 Reasons Why Planners Are Useful

Top 6 Reasons Why Planners are Useful!

I am going to try and write this in the most unbiased way however I must confess I am a self-confessed stationary addict and I adore jammin' on my planner! 

So I solemnly swear I will only list the reasons that are going to have the greatest impact on your life by investing in one! 

Number ONE - Stress Less

Have you ever felt the sensation of becoming overwhelmed with work and by 9am you are already unsure of where to start? 

One of the largest factors to of stress is feeling like you have too much on your plate. This could be anything from meetings, invoices, family commitments and general day to day activities all piling up. 

Scheduling each objective or task in, is a great way in getting clarity in your day and preventing you from becoming stressed out with what to do next. I also recommend locking in time for you, non-negotiable time  for you (talking to my mums out there). 

This could be anything from sitting down for a cup of tea to a sweat sesh at the gym but really anything that get's you out of your head! 

Number TWO - Productivity 

Let's get down to business. If you are reading this you are already very business and time savvy and are looking at ways you can improve your work flow. 

Well here it is... GET A PLANNER AND GET ONE FAST! 

A planner is the one of the best tools you can implement to stay on track. It gives your day direction and more importantly you can maximise your time which is important for not just your business but also in your personal life. 

By setting tasks you need to complete in your planner, you will encourage yourself to stay on track and move onto the next increasing your productivity. 

Some planners like My Business Planner will also include things like action lists and tracking pages to really ensure you are working the most effectively and efficient for your business or goals.  

Number THREE - Get Creative

With all of the other stuff taken care or and oraginised it really frees up time to think about the bigger picture. Often at a moment's notice, an idea hits me. It leaves me wanting to run to the nearest pad or paper to get it down before loosing my train of thoughts. 

Not only do most planners have note pages some have pages designed specifically for this purpose! These project pages from My Business Planner are
the perfect way to plan your next project, product or service. Set your main task out, break down what you will need to achieve and set a deadline or date you want to complete it by. BOOM let your imagination begin!



Number FOUR - So You Don't Forget Stuff

Ok. Let's be brutally honest, this isn't a revolutionary idea but it doesn't make it any less valid! 

Time is previous. You want to be able to show up for your work meetings but also be there for your kids award day. Why this example? Well before I really knuckled down and used my planner properly I was missing out on my kids events because I had doubled booked them against work commitments and let me tell you - that sucks! 

You want to have something on you at all times that is easy to grab, check and reflect and there is nothing easier than flicking open to your weekly view and being able to see everything right there in front of you! 

Number FIVE - Planners are better then diaries 

There I said it. I feel so much better now. Planners are better then diaries.

Planners are designed to be thought provoking, specific and overall superior to their tiny little diary cousin. Diaries are great if all you want to do is keep track of the day. Harsh, I know. 

In order to streamline your daily tasks and increase your productivity and efficiency you need specific layouts that offer you the opportunity to record information differently.

You want to have a one stop shop of all of your ideas, grocery lists, meetings, top 3 weekly goals, habits, finances and so much more that can only be found in a planner. 

There is a reason I love jammin' in my planner (yes it is cool) and it is because it provides me the chance to do more than just see my day, My Business Planner becomes my very own personal assistant! 

Number SIX - It is fun 


I love getting creative in my planner. Colours, pens, highlighters, stickers, memos, scribbles, paper clips - you name it I have tried it! 

Learning to enjoy the planning process is one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced.  You can incorporate almost anything into your planner and totally customise it just for you. 

No one person plans the same and I love seeing the differences that are out there. Why not make your notes, schedules and meetings that tad more exciting.  I guarantee you even the most mundane of jobs become exciting in fluro pink with a TO DO sticker!

Planners really do have a big impact on the orgainisation of your life. 
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